Monday, April 15, 2019

Small Moments like These...

I'm having a moment that I must share with all of you!

Jeremiah is almost one it's hard to wrap my head around. More and more I'm starting to realize that my little boy is becoming a toddler. Those cuddles my baby gave me for free any time of day when he was just a couple weeks old or even a couple month old are very rare these days. This week he has been very cuddly for the first time in what feels like forever, it's because he's been sick I'm getting those cuddles.

Today he seems to be doing a little better so he's allowing me to let him sit in his pack n' play to watch Moana as I sit at my computer watching Church I missed this week. Jeremiah starts babbling in a different tone then usual, it's like his actually trying to form words. I looked back behind me because I was thinking he was trying to get my attention, but turns out he wasn't!

He was laying on his belly, hands under his chin looking up at Moana smiling. Just talking to her and laughing. He didn't look like a baby at all! It was one of those I'm crying at how big you're becoming moments. 

Moments like this make my heart skip a beat, I love being his mom. Being able to stay home with him, watching him grow. I can't imagine missing the little things like this. I've been abundantly blessed by God. I don't deserve the life I've been given but I am grateful for every moment of it.


Monday, February 11, 2019

My New Season in Life

I am writing again! Ok, what that really means is I wrote last week and it felt good, it wasn't just word vomit! All it took was an entire morning at the coffee shop, relaxing. Mom was with me but we did our work, of course we chatted here and there but I got writing done! I've had the itching to do it again but it seems every time I try Jeremiah is needing me. Being mom is my first and most important job so I will not complain. 

I think it helps that I've picked up a  couple books to read again, I've also visited a few new places, and I've been going out every day to take photographs. I am trying to find my creativity again. After I got pregnant I seemed to have misplaced it but not to worry folks, I am finding it again! I am starting to feel more like myself. 

Even with Jeremiah yelling at my feet I am still feeling inspired, usually I just say to hell with it and give up. It might be hard to believe but I have been working on this post for several hours now. I've feed Jeremiah twice, changed him a couple of times and FINALLY he is asleep.

My little man just wanted to know everything his mom was during and desperately needed me to pay attention to him. He is my whole life, I always knew I wanted to be a mom but I never thought it would be like this. Suddenly my whole world is connected to this tiny little human being I made. 

It has been one of the harder days with him, which of course makes everything else I've been trying to do a little more difficult as well. But we still went a did a few things. The sanctuary here in Chatham is where we like to go, at least it has been since this winter, typically I enjoy going to the gardens but not while it's this cold out. 

Out at the sanctuary I've just about photographed everything there is, it's been keeping me in practice. Which is something that I need because I want to grow my business. I want to be able to support our family, I know Josh has an incredible job and have been managing but it certainly would be easier having a little extra to fall back on so I don't have to  stress about all the medical bills we have after having a baby. So I have been working hard on my photography, because I love it and if I can bring money it by doing something I love, I mean who doesn't want that?


Here's a couple shoots I have taken over the past few, brutally cold weeks. The sun finally decided to show up for a day, right before disappearing again but I was thankful for it! I also did a mini session for the first time ever! It was part of a fundraiser for Rachel, my little sister, she is trying to raise money to go on a Mission trip to Honduras. I am so proud of her. But I had two new folks to photograph! 

With every new experience I have, the more I want to do it again but make improvements. I am learning new things all the time. I have accepted the fact that I am just not a fan on inside photography, I can do it but I am certainly better outside with natural lighting. I struggle with hash lighting inside. 


But I do love how some of them turned out! Like I said room for improvement. The gears in my head are already turning for the next mini session! I have plans for Marvel, Disney, and Easter shoots! There are so many thoughts and ideas I can't keep track of them. Needless to say I do want them outside if at all possible!

Until next time! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Our Adventure into St. Louis

It's dark, gloomy and raining outside my moms deck doors this morning. It's a little past seven in the and as usual I am listening to Smurfs the Lost Village in the background as Jeremiah tries to talks to the little blue people. Yesterday was a good day and I want to tell you about it. There was nothing on our calendars, mom and I wanted to try a new coffee place so we decided to travel into St. Louis.

We went to see how Cafe' Ventana how! It was no Abbey, but I still really enjoyed our time there. It was a beautiful brick building with plenty of seating, we sat in a corner booth near a couple of couches that surrounded a fireplace, a good size fireplace at that. But we didn't sit in the couches and I'll tell you why... It was for much younger and more fit folks. They might as well have had you sit on the floor that how low they were. I laughed a couple times to myself quietly as I watched a few college students struggle to get up out of the sunken cushions.

The food did not disappoint me. We had coconut shrimp po boy and a turkey avocado melt, let me just say... YUM! I even liked the homemade chips, they weren't as hard as they looked, actually they were soft and very fresh! As we ate we chatted about the things we want to do, have been trying to do, I got excited because I have a good feeling about this year. New things are happening and I'm happy to be apart of it all. (I'll explain more later! Another post, another time.) 

Once it gets warmer I wouldn't mind going back to enjoy the outside patio more, maybe even go in the evening and enjoy a few adult beverages. The patio area had plenty of seating which was gated, vines covered the black railing. There was an alley between two buildings you could sit also, it was quiet and peaceful. If I wanted to go somewhere to enjoyed a personal conversation over some coffee, I wouldn't mind going here. You can't see it well in the picture but in between two brick pillars is a white fountain. I can see it now, warmer weather, sun coming through pergola, listening to streaming water. Can you tell I have summer fever? I would even settle for Spring.  

I left there feeling more enthusiastic about the things and dreams I have planned to do for this year. So far I believe I am doing a good job, I've already knocked off a couple on the list! Trying new coffee places is even on that list ;)

One coffee shop down, four more to go!

Yesterday was a good day
and I hope you all have a good day today! 

Until our next adventure!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dream List 2019

I was asked to create a dream list of a 100, so far I have 32. It's a start!
1) Finish my book
2) Sell ten photos on shutterstock
3) Gain five more clients
4) Hit 150lbs
5) Move back to St. Louis
6) Learn How To Save A Life by the Frey on the Piano ( Completely)
7) Visit Colorado
8) Spend a day at the beach
9) Have a girls night out
10) Find five more new coffee shops
11) Go camping
12) Run a 5K
13) Watch Aquaman
14) Do a mini session
15) Pay off credit card
16) Go Visit Chicago
17) Read ten new books
18) Learn sign language
19) Go ice skating
20) Send out Christmas Cards
21) Have 3 months rent in savings
22) Go sailing
23) Go snorkeling
24) Ride on a train
25) Attend a rodeo
26) Go on a Cruise
27) Learn how to cook 14 meals
28) See the Grand Canyon
29) Go to the top of a lighthouse
30) Visit Niagara Falls
31) Take an all-inclusive vacation with Josh
32) Learn Spanish (preferably before leaving the country)

I am trying hard to actually reach these dreams. I've been practicing every week on 'How To Save a Life' but there is a part in the middle that keeps tripping me up. I am not giving up on it though, I keep practicing. I've also started to read the New Nicholas Sparks book Every Breath, I'm thinking it's going to be gut-wenching but an incredible read non the less. Then next weekend I have my first mini session planned, Valentines Themed! It actually a fundraiser for Rachel Mission Trip she's trying to do this year to Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Another thing this week I have been working hard at is my photography, I'm reading up on and watching multiple videos on how to grow my business... I know it doesn't happen over night but it should would be nice to see some movement, though like I said I am not giving up, on anything this year. I am going to keep working at it because eventually something has got to happen, this I know.

I pulled out my Book I had started working on before I was pregnant with Jeremiah, it has been on my heart and mind a lot these past couple of weeks. I haven't had much time to do much about it because Jeremiah was being a little tough, which I can't blame him he had been sick for weeks and not sleeping well. These week has been much better for both of us because you know when theres a happy baby, theres a happy momma!

So heres to trying hard these year and not giving up. Just thought 'd give my readers a scattered update on this new moms life. I am going to do some work on my book while little man is being good!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Spirit, Where are you?

Warning: Poor Mood 

My motivation to write is no where to be found... I don't have a lot to say and if I do, I don't know how to put it into words. Wish there was something to write or tell you about but I have nothing. Nothing is new, we are still in Springfield and it's still hard being this far away from family. The drive is getting even harder on me, its wearing me down. Josh said something that bothered me this morning, I was whining about our Christmas decorations saying I don't like them though I'm not sure if it's just cause I am not in the Christmas spirit or I really just don't like how its done. But Josh said to me, "Well on the bright side it'll just be you and me seeing it, its not like anyone ever comes here"....  

We've lived here over two years now and I can count on me fingers the amount of time my family or friends have come to see me. I sometimes wonder if it would have been better if we moved somewhere further away. Where I didn't feel the need to travel back and fourth so often. I'm sure Josh does, he whines about all the gas money we spend going back and fourth, and he's right we do spend way too much. 

I'm trying to stay positive about our situation but it's getting tiring. 

Being a mom is the best part about my day. Watching Jeremiah growing is greater than I ever dreamed it would be. It's going by fast, I am afraid to blink and miss something great. For the first time since Jeremiah has been born I stayed the night away from him. It was November 30, we went to St. Charles with my parents and he stayed with his mama and papa. He did great! Even I did ok. You bet first thing Saturday morning though we went and got him! It was nice to have a night out with my husband, baby worry free. 

Jeremiah is getting ready to crawl, he is getting up on all fours, not very well yet but he sure is getting there! He is still sleeping in his own bed, last week was pretty tough, he kept waking up around 4am but I think it had a lot to do with the fact that he wasn't feeling good. The cold was going around and it had finally got to us. I swear every time we go to my parents house where Sarahs kids are, we always come back with something. I suppose I can't be the mom that puts my son in a bubble LOL. People would think I'm crazy, then again I never really did care what people thought. 

Christmas shopping is done basically, this year we were a little behind but I blame it on the baby! There are still a few last minute things we will have to do this weekend before our first Christmas. I wish I was more in the holiday spirit. Maybe being home this next couple of days will help me recover because I really do feel my body slowing down. I do love our home it is very cozy. I think I might change up the Christmas decoration, other people might not see it but if I plan on staying home I'd like to look at something I like! :) 

I'll leave on a good note, Jeremiah is doing some tummy time and is in a great mood so I am going to try and get some things done. Maybe if I do something I'll get more motivated! 
Until next time! 


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Life is Sweet

Taking a break from the Fall Challenge, I will come back to it promise! Today I just want to talk about how happy and grateful I am. I don’t say it enough, how thankful I am for the life I have, for the husband who supports me and the baby that has changed me completely. I am 23 years old and I am living the life I’ve always wanted. I am living my dream. 

Who would have thought I would have met the love of my life so early in life, how loves and supports me and has blessed me with an incredible little boy Jeremiah, the second love of my life. I’m grateful for my husband who supports me, which allows me to be the stay-home-mom I have always wanted to do. You know how sometimes folks have a dream and once the achieve that dream they realize its not what they wanted..... Well thats not the case for me, its everything and more for me. I love sitting here listening to my boy talk to me, even cry at me, demand my attention. Of course it’s not always rainbows and butterflies but I love every moment of it, even the tough days. 

This is a short post today because Jeremiah and I need to leave here in the next five minutes to go pick up his daddy and bring him lunch. I just want to say, my life is awesome and I’m so happy. I love being Joshs wife and I love being Jeremiahs mom. I don’t know if life can get much better and sweeter than this. 

Thanking God for my life he has blessed me with. I’ll be back with the next Fall Challenge here in the next few days! 


Friday, October 12, 2018

Big Holiday Plans!

Fall Challenge, what makes up your ideal holiday season...

Family. Whatever I am doing family must be involved otherwise it just doesn’t feel right.

Traditions. October first we start the Harry Potter marathon and basically watch it all month long. The Same goes with Lord of the Rings starting on November first, December is basically everything Hallmark, Christmas movie after Christmas movie!

During Thanksgiving season there’s apple and pumpkin picking, followed by pumpkin carving! Some years go by where I don’t get to do either one of these but I would like to try my hardest to make sure its a family tradition for Jeremiah. Then for the Christmas season there’s gingerbread building!!! I love this one, which again now that I am older I haven’t had much opportunity to do this one, but again this is something I would like to be a tradition for Jeremiah. Made I’ll have to find a manly way of gingerbread building that he’ll stay interested in it.

One of my favorites things to do around the holidays, which I have only started doing in the last year or two is St. Charles. St. Charles around Christmas time is INCREDIBLE! We stay at the Drury Inn Plaza, then take the trolly downtown to Main Street all bundled up in our winter coats, boots, hats and scarves! We walk along all the different shops, grab the best Hot Chocolate I’ve ever had, do a little Christmas shopping and then stop in Bradden’s and have some Lobster bisque with a glass of Serena! By far one of the best ways to spend a holiday evening with my favorite people doing some of my favorite things. St. Charles is already a very beautiful town, cobble stone, lamppost that are decorated in garland and ornaments, very old building that have amazing character. It’s the type of little town that makes you want to write about.

As much as I don’t care for the cold weather, mainly because I don’t like driving in the nasty wet snow or the crazy blizzards, there are plenty of things I DO love about the winter. So I am going to enjoy fall as one as possible abndinstead of being sad about it ending I am going to look forward to all the things I would like to do!


Small Moments like These...

I'm having a moment that I must share with all of you! Jeremiah is almost one it's hard to wrap my head around. More and more I...